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Interview with skipper Scott McKechnie

Ahead of the inaugural Hong Kong Blitz, we spoke to Kowloon Canton’s Skipper Scott McKechnie, read below for his take on the Kowloon Cantons.


"We have some immense talent with bat and ball"​

You’ve been training hard this week, which areas of the games do you see as being the most important for the success of the Kowloon Cantons?

For me, in the shortest format of the game, fielding is of massive importance. We have some immense talent with bat and ball, I’m in no doubt the boys will stand-up individually in those areas but if we can pull together and dominate in the field, we’ll be in great shape.

You have plenty of experience in the squad, not least Michael Clarke and two national coaches, it must be great for you to have that level of experience out on the park?

It’s certainly a fantastic position for us to be in, being surrounded by that wealth of knowledge makes for a great learning experience. Twenty20 cricket is fast and frenetic to say the very least, we’re fortunate to have so many individuals who can think clearly for the good of the team in such situations.

Does that quality of depth make you favourites? 

I think at this stage everybody is favourites. With such strength coming into Hong Kong from overseas and when combined with some immense domestic talent, I feel there’s a bit of an unknown quantity involved which is making for an incredibly exciting event.

Rain looks like it will be a factor this weekend, how does that affect your preparation? 

Our preparations are running smooth and we’re very much attacking our training with the expectance of an uninterrupted weekend. I’m sure we’ll get a good break in the weather at some stage and when we do we’ll be ready to fire.

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